The Real-Life Barbie and Ken Are a Human and Dog Duo Taking on the World Together (Exclusive)

Barbara “Barbie” Bielinski met the Ken of her dreams when she was paired with a Labrador retriever named Ken as her new guide dog Courtesy of Barbara Bielinski This Ken is a guide dog! on the Barbie the movie’s opening weekend, as the world embraces Barbiecore, the “Barbieheimer” double feature, and Ryan Gosling’s “Ken-ergy,” Guiding … Read more

New Ireland to France ferry to set sail with spa and pet-friendly cabins

Latest ferry arrives into Rosslare Europort “just in time for the peak summer holiday period” Ferry companies are continuing their comeback at Irish ports this year as growing numbers of punters (and their pets) set sail from Cork, Dublin and Rosslare. Stena Vision is the latest addition to the fleets, a 1,300-passenger ship that arrived … Read more

Ukraine counts ‘catastrophic’ environmental costs after dam blast

KYIV, Ukraine — A woman who braved checkpoints and dodged shelling to care for abandoned pets during Russia’s occupation of her hometown is now warning about the recent flooding’s devastating impact on the region’s animals. Iryna Tutyun said it was “difficult to cope” with the number of animals in need of help after huge swaths … Read more

IN FOCUS: Why are people cruel to pets and wildlife?

INVESTIGATING ANIMAL ABUSE CASES The Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS), which comes under the National Parks Board, has investigated an average of about 1,250 alleged cruelty cases a year since 2019. About 5 per cent of these cases, which include neglect, abandonment and abuse cases, leading to enforcement actions such as composition fines, warning letters … Read more

6 dogs, suspected abandoned, arrived at local shelter this week

With a dramatic increase in stray dogs coming to the shelter, the Georgian Triangle Humane Society reminds the community there are resources available if help is needed The dog kennels at the Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) are full, but help is still available to anyone who needs it. That’s the message the local shelter … Read more

Dogs and cats injured or killed in wildlife traps every year, research finds

Animal traps set for wildlife were responsible for injuring or killing at least 173 cats or dogs over a five-year period in Canada, according to research by The Fur-Bearers. The animal rights charity collected data from almost every province by filing freedom of information requests. One notable exception was Ontario, where trap reporting was not … Read more