Food banks for pets: the new projects helping famished furry friends

With the cost-of-living crisis putting a strain on household expenses, some are struggling to feed and care for their pets. Cue a raft of organizations, businesses and campaigners, which are coming together to keep pets happy, healthy and fed “Angels without wings.” That’s how cat owner Pete Dolan describes Animal Food Bank Support UK after … Read more

Millions warned over unlikely household object that’s being used to ‘spy’ on victims – that’s where you least expect it

HOMEOWNERS have been warned over an unlikely household object that has been hijacked by cyber crooks to steal their personal data. Hackers are taking advantage of a vulnerability found in smart pet feeders, which lets them secretly ‘spy’ on victims, researchers at cyber security company Kaspersky have uncovered. 1 Onlookers have long said that there … Read more