2 Dead Humpback Whales Seen Floating Off the Coast of New York

Two dead humpback whales have been spotted floating in waters not far from New York City, the federal authorities said on Thursday, in another worrying sign for a species that faces a number of threats. The sightings were reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, a New Jersey … Read more

Eight-year tires for Sheffield owner after inspectors find emaciated XL bully dogs

The owner of two dogs found in an emaciated state in what an RSPCA inspector said was one of the worst cases she has seen has been banned from keeping animals. The American XL bullies, a male called Tyson and a female called Lola, were discovered at Ricki Haywood’s property in New Cross Walk, Sheffieldlast … Read more

Farm animals, crops suffer from extreme weather affecting China

Hong Kong CNN — With parts of China experiencing record high temperatures and heavy rains, reports of farm animals and crops suffering from extreme weather patterns are dominating headlines in the country, raising concerns about food security in the world’s second largest economy. China experienced its worst heat wave and drought in decades during the … Read more

Raw Food Diets

With the advent of holistic and alternative practices in human nutrition, the trend has found its way into the domain of pet care too. One such nutrition trend that has gained considerable momentum in recent years is the raw food diet for pets, particularly cats and dogs.  Advocates for this diet argue it is more … Read more

Love of animals leads to $900K estate donation to Okanagan shelter – Okanagan

A friendship struck years earlier between a Kelowna man and an abandoned dog has paved the way for a record-breaking donation that will change countless animal lives in the days to come. Kelowna resident Paul Bilyk died in 2021, but his generous spirit, and lifelong love of animals, has ensured his legacy will carry on … Read more

Iceland sounds death knell for whaling a month after Leo Varadkar’s criticism

Leo Varadkar raised the issue with his counterpart, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, in a bilateral meeting during the Council of Europe meeting in Reykjavík last month. He said Ireland was a whale sanctuary, and was seeing the benefits. Iceland’s whale-watching industry is worth at least three times more than its blubber trade. Iceland has now decreed a … Read more

Some Animals Have No Choice but to Live at Airports Now

For the past several decades, Portsmouth International Airport at Pease, in New Hampshire, has hosted a frequent flier with no known credentials. It comes and goes as it pleases, always bypassing security; it carries no luggage, not even a government-issued ID. But unlike the other passengers that regularly flock to Pease, the upland sandpiper—a spindly, … Read more