Pickering to ban rodenticides on city properties due to dangers to pets

An upcoming policy in Pickering will ban rat poison and other rodenticides on all city properties. On Monday, the city council heard from delegates about the risks posed to dogs as they chase poisoned animals in their backyards. “Since rodenticides don’t kill instantly, rodents remain active and available as prey,” said Janice Freund, a member … Read more

Olivia Plath Seeks to Rehome Hedgehog Because She Is Unable to Give Pet the ‘Care She Deserves’

In December, the Welcome to Plathville star revealed that she and her husband Ethan moved from Florida to Minnesota Olivia Plath/Instagram Olivia Plath is looking for a new home for her pet hedgehog. the Welcome to Plathville star, 25, announced on her Instagram Story that she is rehoming her pet hedgehog named Halle. The news … Read more

Humane society’s microchip clinic a chance to keep pets protected

GHS is committed to safeguarding local pets and supporting pet owners in our community through the delivery of microchip clinics that offer access to permanent identification The Guelph Humane Society is hosting a microchip clinic this weekend, a step that will help ensure lost pets are found as quickly as possible. “When a pet goes … Read more

Unhappy Easter for three pet bunnies abandoned in woodland in West Yorkshire

Three pet rabbits are being treated after they were abandoned in a “filthy” cage on Easter Monday. The female bunnies were dumped in woodland in West Yorkshire and were found at around 8pm by a dog walker in woods off Manchester Road – between Marsden and Slaithwaite. Two of the rabbits were underweight and had … Read more

PET formulates strategy to become “world class green terminal”

Tanjung Uban PLB in the future can be utilized for the ‘Supplier Held Stock’ (SHS) program which so far has mostly been carried out in Singapore. Jakarta (ANTARA) – PT Pertamina Energy Terminal (PET) is devising a strategy to realize its aspirations to become a “world class green terminal”, including the operation of the Tanjung … Read more