Victoria animal rescues are overflowing and asking for help

Animal rescues around Greater Victoria are rapidly filling up with residents surrendering their pets, prompting organizations to ask for help. Pamela Saddler with Broken Promises Rescue says she has been in animal rescue since 1996 and has never seen this many animals in need. “We just have an overabundance of calls for help we’re getting … Read more

How dog owners cope with behavioral issues with pets: Brock University study

A study out of Brock University looks at how dog owners cope with behavioral issues with their pets, like barking and aggression, and how those situations affect the relationship. The research showed that human connections with dogs have just as many ups and downs as relationships between people. READ MORE: Ontario to mark King’s coronation … Read more

12-year-old girl saves little brothers, pets from house fire in southeastern Manitoba

A Manitoba family is picking up the pieces after losing everything in a house fire, but thanks to the quick thinking of their 12-year-old daughter, all of them are alive. Emily Neufeld was at their home in La Broquerie, about 55 kilometers southeast of Winnipeg, with her two younger brothers on the afternoon of March … Read more

Good Natured Gardening: Plants your pets should not eat

Ever wonder why little Fifi…Fofo…Fumfum, or whatever you call your pooch, comes into the house and barfs all over your prized Persian rug? Possible causes: car sickness, an infection, food allergies or poisoning, heatstroke, or plant poisoning. It’s interesting what some animals can eat and not be affected. Camels eat thorny cacti, seabirds eat ocean … Read more