World Snake Day: Regina man shows off the rare Pilmetto Corn Snake pet

There are over 3,500 species of snakes across the globe. One Regina enthusiast has managed to get his hands on one of the rarer reptiles.

Stephen Whitworth loves snakes, having kept the cold blooded companion at his home since the 1990’s.

“They learn to know who you are and to trust you and to interact with you and I certainly love my pets,” he told CTV News.

For Whitworth, it’s been a long term commitment.

“I’ve still got a snake that is turning 30 this fall,” he said.

“So some of them can live a really long time.”

World Snake Day offers a chance to learn more about a reptile that most people tend to avoid.

“Maybe a little uneasy just to not know what to expect but as soon as you handle your first snake you realize that they’re not slimy or anything,” Dana Tullusz, who’s interested in snakes, told CTV News.

“They’re actually very interesting and interactive.”

One of Whitworth’s favorite pets is his Palmetto Corn Snake. The species was first discovered in the South Carolina wilderness 15 years ago.

“It’s a kind of leucistic mutation. It’s similar to albino but it’s not albino,” he explained.

For Whitworth, it’s a passion. But for some, having a snake as a family pet is a bit too much.

“I don’t think my wife would enjoy a snake in the house for some reason,” Tullusz said.

As it turns out – snakes can feel the same way – according to Whitworth.

“He’s very comfortable with people. I think he’ll get friendlier as he gets older,” he said.

“Right now he’s still a little bit concerned that he might be eaten by something I think.”

World Snake Day recognizes the role that snakes play in the ecosystem and the need for better understanding of one of nature’s most fascinating creatures.

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