Wellness Pet Company debuts its first supplement line

TEWKSBURY, MASS. — On Jan. 17, Wellness Pet Company launched a line of pet supplements — Wellness® Supplements — marking its first foray into the pet supplement space. Available in five formulations, the chewable dog supplements boast the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)’s Seal of Acceptance.

The supplements, which are formulated to target specific health concerns in dogs, are recommended by nine out of 10 veterinarians, according to the Wellness Pet Company. The daily supplements are available in five varieties: Move Health Supplements, Calm Health Supplements, Shield Health Supplements, Belly Health Supplements and Shine Supplements.

“We’ve seen an upward trend within the pet food industry that pet parents are taking a more proactive approach to their dogs’ long-term health and wellbeing,” said Danielle Bernal, DVM, veterinarian at Wellness Pet Company. “Similar to the way they’re approaching their own health, pet parents are interested in addressing health concerns such as a sensitivity that may occur during their dog’s life.

“Wellness Supplements were created knowing that our pets are family,” she added. “Pet parents know that what we choose for our pets should reflect what we would choose for ourselves, and caring for our pets with products that support their whole health is an opportunity to create a positive experience for increased wellbeing.”

Wellness Move Health Supplements are formulated with glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, green lipped muscle, collagen, omega fatty acids, calcium and phosphorus. The supplements are designed to ease joint stiffness, promote joint and bone health, and support connective tissues and a healthy inflammatory response. The chewable supplements come in a grilled chicken flavor.

Wellness Calm Health Supplements are formulated with L-theanine, L-tryptophan, GABA, chamomile, ginger root and biotics, and come in a cheese flavor. These supplements aim to support relaxation and can help calm dogs with mild behavior issues and normal stress, as well as promoting digestion, microbiome and immune health.

Wellness Shield Health Supplements are formulated with pre- and probiotics, antioxidants, omega fatty acids and mushrooms. The supplements are designed to help support a healthy gut and immune system, promote skin and coat health, and support seasonal allergies in dogs. These supplements come in a salmon flavour.

Wellness Belly Health Supplements are formulated with pre- and probiotics, ginger root, licorice root and psyllium husk, and come in a pumpkin flavour. These supplements aim to support a healthy gut and immune system, as well as offer digestive support and promote healthy bowel function.

Wellness Shine Supplements are formulated with zinc, biotin and pre- and probiotics to support skin, gut, and overall immune health. These chewable supplements also promote a healthy skin and coat.

The new line of dog supplements is now available online via Amazon, Chewy and Petco. The products will be available in-store later in 2023.

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