Toronto’s new Juno vet clinic is a total game changer for pet parents

Toronto’s new Juno vet clinic is a total game changer for pet parents

It’s hard to say what’s more difficult in Toronto these days: affording a decent place to live, or finding a vet with an available appointment.

If you’re a pet parent in the city, you’re probably familiar with how tough the latter can be. Whether it be for a routine visit or something urgent and last-minute, seeking medical care for your furry friends might come with crowded waiting rooms, overworked and confusing doctors, expensive bills all too often.

Enter Juno Veterinary, the first location of a completely reimagined clinic that has just opened its doors in Summerhill, and promises a very different (read: hassle-free) experience from what you might be used to.

The state-of-the-art clinic represents the future of animal healthcare, and is ideal for people who are trying to keep visits and costs to a minimum while still receiving the utmost attention and best treatment available.

Juno is not your typical vet; the waiting room is always stocked with free vet-approved treats and cuddles for your cat or dog, plus complimentary coffee and local sparkling waters for humans, in a pet-friendly space that is specifically designed to ease the stress associated with vet visits.

vet clinic torontoThe stunning Toronto clinic also leads the field in its use of technology, primarily through a dedicated mobile app, which pet parents can use to access unlimited care around the clock, 24/7 (very helpful for those 2 am puppy pukes and weekend cat scraps ).

vet clinic toronto

No matter the concern or the time of day, clients can consult with Juno’s team immediately via text or call to determine the next steps, whether it be a same-day or next-day urgent appointment, a future appointment in the next week, or advice for issues that will resolve on their own, or can be treated at home.

The app also makes it easy to refill your pet’s prescriptions and view follow-up notes from your appointments, along with booking and rescheduling visits anytime.

vet clinic toronto

Because Juno offers an intuitive virtual care option, their staff have more time to dedicate to in-person appointments, including same-day and next-day for urgent issues.

So, no more long waits or rushed appointments since their vets are able to take their time to fully examine your pet, explain your options and associated costs, and keep you and your pet calm and at ease in their comfortable exam rooms.

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The unique membership model also helps to limit the number of patients per staff member, giving vets more patient insight and the ability to triage care and actually answer your questions.

Another great feature of Juno membership is the pricing, which is not only competitive, but also completely transparent from the start, with all pricing shared upfront both online and during your appointment to eliminate the dreaded “what’s-this-gonna-cost-me” moment at the end of a visit.

Juno members can also rest easily knowing their pet is receiving top care from trusted veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians who are as happy to be there as your pet will be.

vet clinic torontoTo actively address the burnout and staffing shortages Canadians are facing across both human and animal medicine, the clinic provides its staff with dedicated, blocked-off time to catch up on charts and client communications, and to prepare for upcoming patients in a cozy, modern area staff.

Juno members get one free wellness exam every year, which basically covers the cost of the $149/year membership — not a bad deal in a city that charges $175K for a parking spot.

vet clinic toronto

Juno is also offering blog TO readers a special offer: your first exam and one year of all membership benefits for just $50!

Visit and use promo code BLOGTO for this sweet deal.

Juno Veterinary is located at 1073 Yonge Street in Summerhill, with additional locations opening this year across the city. And yes, they’re hiring.

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