Sask. Indigenous woman creates Pet Treaty Cards

It was on a drive with her sister that Joaney Starblanket got the idea that changed her life for the better, a little over a month ago.

Starblanket said her sister thought it would be funny if pets had their own treaty cards.

“I thought to myself, why not,” she told CTV News.

That “why not” then became a few quick edits on Canva, then a template, then one for her own cat, ‘Goober,’ and Starblanket said it blew her sister away during their next visit.

She shared it with her coworkers in Yorkton, who told her that she had something special urging her to start selling them online.

She made a TikTok account, which only has three videos, but those videos have been watched over 700,000 times in the past month — which has translated to around 700 sales in that calendar month.

“I posted [the first] videos, and [it got] 16,000 likes in one day,” Starblanket said. “I think the idea itself is really original and unique.”

She credits TikTok with the dramatic rise in popularity.

The only thing holding her back at the moment, is the time it takes to make the cards.

“I can make about six to 10 an hour,” Starblanket explained.

“There are nights where I don’t sleep, I’m running, running, running — I go from work, straight to home, and I’m on work there.”

Starblanket has made Treaty Cards, which have disclaimers including “Not a valid Status Card,” and “Do not use for malicious intent.”

They are titled to be from “Indian and Pet Affairs Canada,” and include a picture of your pet, its name, family name, band name and registry number.

The pets she’s created the cards for don’t just stop at cats and dogs either.

“[I’ve done] birds, all types of birds, many different types, I even [did] a little eagle. I’ve done turtles, I’ve done hamsters,” she said.

“My most favorite card was actually a skunk and his name is Pepsi Bepsi, Stinky Butt.”

In the future, Starblanket wants to come out with Tribal Cards — status cards for those in the United States — along with Metis Harvester Cards, looking to branch out and grow her business, which is currently all being done out of her own home.

More details about Starblanket’s cards can be found here.

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