The UK’s biggest pet care brand Pets at Home has relaunched with an identity from design agency Nomad. The project brings together several creative perspectives, including illustrators Hannah Warren and Roo Lewis – the photographer whose personal projects range from documenting modern day druids to, more recently, Port Talbot’s UFO-sighting scene. The new design for Pets at Home attempts to unify the company’s various sub-brands under one new umbrella: pets.

Nomad has warmed up the logo by adding calligraphic flourishes, which is mirrored in a wordmark typeface for sub brands that include tail-flick descenders and sloped-top ascenders. Elsewhere, the design agency has created a new graphic system from a series of paw and fingerprint shapes, drawing inspiration from “the connection of people and their pets”, the agency says. Hannah Warren provides a suite of charming illustrations, starring owners and their animals in unexpected scenarios. Nomad has commissioned Colophon to create two custom typefaces, including Pets Headline, which will be used across every channel in the world brand.

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