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It’s truly an honor and privilege to have clients come back to me and ask me to work with them again— whether it’s to document their newest furry member where a beautiful relationship is just beginning— or to photograph the same dog(s), only now , they’re a little older, and a little wiser. It’s significant because it means that they believe there’s value in what I do, and that the images I create are meaningful for them.

I can’t tell you the number of people I have met who have told me some version of the following:

“My dog ​​just passed away. I wish I had known about your services.” or “I really wish I had invested in some professional portraits of pets. All I have are my crappy phone pics.” Or better yet, “I’ve had my pets photographed by other people, but nothing compares to the images that you created for us.”

The best compliment, however, has been having one of my dearest and sweetest clients, Sandy, hire me to photograph not only her furkid, Benny, but also hired me to photograph one of her niece’s dogs, Olive + Edie (still need to blog this session, and a bajillion others!) in New York City, and then recently, her other niece’s dog, Pearl, in Denver.

While Lauren had some hesitations about getting Pearl photographed due to Pearl being apprehensive around new people, I saw no sign of that when I showed up at their home. Within a few minutes, Pearl decided I was her new best friend and gave me a few kisses 🙂

“I grew up with dogs and always loved them, but it was never the same kind of love until I got Pearl. Kat has captured our bond, my love for her, and her quirkiness all in one photo. You’re truly a dog whisperer and I’m so thankful to have had this experience with our dog.”

Thank you, Lauren and Jared, for sharing your morning with me. Had so much fun working with you two, and capturing Pearl’s love of toys, heh.

PS I’m heading out to Denver next week from November 6-12 and am also planning to be out there during different dates in 2020 (omg, new decade!!). If you’d like to set up a session with me during one of my trips, shoot me a message 🙂


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