Olivia Plath Seeks to Rehome Hedgehog Because She Is Unable to Give Pet the ‘Care She Deserves’

Olivia Plath Seeks to Rehome Hedgehog Because She Is Unable to Give Pet the ‘Care She Deserves’

In December, the Welcome to Plathville star revealed that she and her husband Ethan moved from Florida to Minnesota

Olivia Plath/Instagram

Olivia Plath/Instagram

Olivia Plath is looking for a new home for her pet hedgehog.

the Welcome to Plathville star, 25, announced on her Instagram Story that she is rehoming her pet hedgehog named Halle. The news comes a few months after Olivia and her husband, Ethan Plathrelocated from Florida to Minnesota.

“I am unable right now to give her the attention and care she deserves and would rather see her go to a new, loving, hedgie-friendly home,” Plath wrote on her Instagram Story alongside a photo of the creature resting on her hand.

In the photo, Halle appears to have light-colored fur on her body, with darker-colored spots surrounding her eyes and arms. The hedgehog’s quills are a dark brown shade closer to the animal’s body before lightening at the edges.

Plath added on social media that whoever takes over care for Halle will also be given her cage, exercise wheel, extra food, grooming kit, sleeping sack, and other items to help care for the critter.

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Olivia also noted that she only wanted to rehome Halle in the Minneapolis area and that the 1 ½-year-old hedgehog was purchased from a registered breeder in Florida.

Olivia Plath/Instagram

Olivia Plath/Instagram

Plath ended the Instagram Story by letting her more than 420,000 followers know she was “happy to answer any questions” for Halle’s new owner “before and after re-homing.”

Hedgehogs are active creatures and should be kept in an enclosure “kept out of direct sunlight, and away from cold [and] drafty areas,” according to the Long Island Birds and Exotics Veterinary Clinic.

The clinic said an “important aspect” of keeping a hedgehog healthy includes maintaining the right temperature in its habitat — between 75 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit — because “temperatures that are too hot or too cold can make a hedgehog lethargic.”

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In March, Olivia’s husband Ethan reunited with his father and siblings in Georgia. The Plath family has experienced tension over the years. Olivia and her mother-in-law Kim Plath famously argued in Welcome to Plathville‘s first season, leading Olivia and Ethan to stop speaking to Kim and Ethan’s father, Barry Plath, for several years. Ethan’s siblings have also expressed frustration with Olivia.

“Went down to Georgia and saw my Dad and siblings. So good to see them,” Ethan, 24, captioned the March Instagram post, which featured several pictures of his many siblings. “The little girls aren’t so little anymore. 😂 Also picked up a couple cars! Good times!”

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In December, the couple revealed they moved north from Florida to Minnesota.

“If you didn’t know Ethan and I moved up to the Minneapolis area a couple of weeks ago,” Olivia, 24, said at the time in an Instagram Story. “The past few weeks have been crazy moving from Florida, trying to find an apartment, buying a new car, making this apartment look like a home.”

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The reality star went on to explain that she was planning to enjoy the great outdoors despite the cold temperatures.

“I’m not a huge cold weather person so this winter’s going to be interesting,” she shared. “But I am a big outdoorsy person so I plan to spend my time skiing and snowboarding and making memories with our amazing family up here that we love to pieces.”

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