Louie the Pug + Arthur the Boxer Mix | Beverly Hills Pet Photographer | Kat Ku | Modern Dog and Cat Photos. Ann Arbor| Detroit | Chicago| NYC

The best gifts are the ones that are unique and that you would never think of getting for yourself. Ashley, was blessed with a pet photo session for her birthday from her big brother, and we had a blast photographing her two pups, Louie the pug, and Arthur the Boxer mix.

Louie was rescued at 2 years from a shelter in Georgia, and despite his innocent looking face, has gotten into more mischief than you can think of! With one example being where his food obsession led him to open up all the Christmas presents one year (the family wasn’t happy about that!). When he’s not getting into trouble, he spends most of the time sitting on the couch, sleeping or asking for cuddles.

Arthur is a super sweet Boxer/Pit mix, who was adopted as a puppy from a rescue in Chicago. Given his adorable perpetual puppy face, it’s no surprise that Ashley and Brad fell in love with him and had to bring him home. As you can probably tell by looking at his face, he’s on the more submissive side, but once it was “playing with sticks” time, his “Jekyll” side appeared, giving all his funny faces in the images, haha.

(Fun fact from this shoot: one person went through three outfit changes. It wasn’t me or Ashley 😂)

Thanks Ashley and Brad for such a fun shoot! Hope you guys had as much fun as I did!


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