Golf tournament raises funds to support Murillo Mutts

Murillo Mutts Respite Refuge partners with Janzen’s Pharmacy to host an inaugural charity golf tournament at the Fort William Country Club on Monday.

THUNDER BAY — Sunshine, golf and puppies shaped up to create a fun Monday afternoon at the Fort William Golf and Country Club.

Murillo Mutts Respite Refuge partnered with Janzen’s Pharmacy for an inaugural charity golf tournament to support the animal welfare and rescue agency.

The purpose of the event is to raise $15,000, said Janzen’s owner and pharmacist, Brenda Adams, who’s been a lifelong pet lover and advocates with animal groups across the city.

Murillo Mutts founder Robin Ratz wants to raise money to continue to help unhoused people and families who are struggling to take care of their pets.

“Most of the clientele that we work with, they’re homeless or they’re in crisis or things like that,” Ratz said. “So we bring their dogs in, we vet them, we neuter them, we spay them, we do whatever is necessary.”

Ratz also said that while the pets are in her care they will allow and bring the animals’ families to visit them until they can be returned.

Three dogs — Steel, Diesel and Pink — made special appearances at the golf tournament. All three dogs have been through two basic training classes and know basic commands. All three are available for adoption.

There’s been an increase in the need to care for pets in the area, Ratz said.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say daily, we’re turning people away,” she said. “We’re full, completely full.”

Ratz said they care for more animals than just dogs.

“[There’s] a full kennel outside that’s full. We’ve got four dogs in there, four pigs, horses and sheep. It hurts my heart to have to say no to people that I know really need our services,” he said.

Donations can be made to Thunder Bay Veterinary Hospital on their veterinary account, as well as through Canada Helps with a link on Murillo Mutt’s website.

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