English Answer Key for Class 7 Page 116: Animals Characteristics, Answer the Questions

Tribun-Bali.com – The following is the answer key and discussion of English subject matter for grade 7 junior high school semester 2 of the Merdeka Curriculum page 116.

English Class 7 Answer Key Page 116

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Reported by TribunJatim.com, English answer key for grade 7 page 116 discusses students’ conversations about animals in zoos.

In the English answer key for class 7 on page 116, there are 7 blank sections that must be answered.

Students can mention the characteristics of animals in the zoo based on the conversation on the previous page. Then, students can answer anything according to their abilities.

The following is the English answer key for class 7 page 116 in the Observing & Asking Questions section.

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The questions for this answer key are in the 2013 curriculum English book, revised edition 2017, Chapter V: It’s A Beautiful Day!

What do they say about the animals?

5. Siti says that giraffes have curly eyelashes.

6. Lina says the giraffes’ eyelashes are adorable.

7. Beni says the zebras have black and white stripes on their bodies.

8. Udin says each zebra has a different pattern.

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