– The following is the answer key and discussion of English subject matter for grade 8 junior high school semester 2 of the Merdeka Curriculum page 89 90.

Class 12 English Answer Key Page 89 90

This article will make it easier for you to work on English questions.

Working on junior high school English questions is no longer difficult with this review.

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Reviews raised animal friends or Animals.

Students are asked to understand the opinions that other people have about animals.

In addition, observe the conversation.

Read more here.

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Reported by, English answer key for class 7 page 113 writes a statement in a conversation.

On the previous page, there is a conversation as a reference for writing the English answer key for class 7 page 113.

Students observe the conversation and write down the English answer key to the question “what do you say about the things?”

Parents or guardians of students can use this article containing the English answer key to correct student work.

Make sure students work on the questions first before looking at the English answer key.

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English answer key for class 7 page 113 questions
Class 7 English answer key page 113 questions (Class 7 English student book)

We will work in groups.

We will list the speaker statements about the animals.

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