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The animal charity is microchipping dogs at its Rathfarnham center this Saturday.

the animal charity is microchipping dogs at its Rathfarnham center this Saturday for a fee of €10 following its involvement with a successful dog reunion.

The DSPCA is urging pet owners to get their dogs microchipped at their subsidized clinic.

The animal charity recently helped reunite Baya the French Bulldog with her family, after the beloved pup went missing over two years ago in Galway. Baya was found at a busy South Dublin junction and was brought to the DSPCA, where she was correctly identified through her microchip.

Families should safeguard their pets through a simple procedure.

Microchipping involves inserting a tiny chip, equivalent in size to a grain of rice, between a dog’s shoulder blades.

A DSPCA spokesperson said: “Following on from the successful reuniting of Baya the French Bulldog from Galway last week with the help of her registered microchip, the DSPCA have re-started their subsidized microchipping clinics. It is the most effective and easy way of reuniting owners with their pet should he/she ever go missing and also serves as proof of ownership.”

Microchipping dogs is a legal requirement in Ireland for pets aged 12 months and over.

Pets can be identified through a unique 15 digit code in the microchip, which contains both the dog’s and owner’s details.

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