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Today is a significant day for Charlotte and Harper’s humans. One year ago today, Charlotte was diagnosed with Large B Cell Lymphoma at 2.5 years old, which is crazy young. Upon diagnosis, Charlotte went through a series of chemo and radiation therapy, and has been in remission since the beginning of 2019. She is now being trained to be a therapy dog ​​to help children and adults fight back against cancer.

Kristin and I met through the wonderful pet community on Instagram since her and her boyfriend, Ryan, both live in NYC. She had always wanted to do a session with me after discovering my work, and after Charlotte was diagnosed, she wanted to do even more sessions. I didn’t have any NYC trips planned for this year though– so they decided to come out to Michigan! And we did a #PureMichigan shoot, haha. Which sounds crazy, I know, but Ryan is originally from Michigan, so they had an excuse to come out this way. We spent the day capturing their time at the beach in South Haven; to Charlotte and Harper that must have been a dream– the freedom and room to run off leash and to be free!

Thank you Kristin and Ryan for driving all the way out here. It’s such a joy to finally meet you all, and I’m so glad that Charlotte’s cancer is in remission! I hope these images make you smile and are a celebration of the fact!

For the latest updates on Charlotte and Kristin’s adventures, follow her on Instagram @ataillofadogwalker. Kristin also volunteers with the SATO Project, which is a pretty cool non-profit organization that rescues abused, neglected, and abandoned animals from Puerto Rico. 🙂


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