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I first photographed Brutus as a 9 month old puppy back in 2017, so you can imagine my delight when Erin contacted me to do another photoshoot with him– but this time, along with two new family members! Between 2017 and now, Erin got married, and then with her now husband, Gary, they recently adopted a new pup, named Peanut from the Michigan Humane Society. — “She was hopping up and down, and with her doe eyes, I had to have her!”

Brutus, a little chunkier since I last saw him, seemed to remember me and my camera and promptly sat down in front of my camera and started posing. Peanut was a little apprehensive at first, but taking a cue from her big brother, and all the delicious treats that were being dispensed, she soon followed suit.

During the middle of the shoot, I got to witness Peanut’s infamous jumping, and Brutus, whether he thought he was missing out on treats, or simply wanted to join in on the fun, and started jumping, too, before they both started playing/ chasing each other around the yard. Needless to say, these two were like peas in the pod, and it was a joy to create some new family photos of them together.

Thank you Erin and Gary for a wonderful shoot, and for letting me capture the newest members of the fam 🙂


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