3 reasons why adopted pets need pet insurance

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If you’re not familiar with your adopted pet’s medical history, then pet insurance may be a valuable back-up to have.

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Few things match the joy of bringing home a new dog or cat. Adding a new family member can be a fun and loving experience for years to come. This is true whether you purchased your pet from the neighborhood pet store or if you adopted your furry friend from a shelter or rescue. while pet insurance can be valuable for pets that were purchased, it’s arguably even more important to have for pets that were recently adopted.

the benefits of pet insurance are plentiful. In exchange for a minimum fee to a provider each month (which is often discounted if paid yearly), owners can secure coverage for veterinarian visits, medications and even some surgical procedures. To get the most out of a plan, however, owners should know why they need it in the first place. To that point, there are numerous reasons why pets — and adopted ones in particular — should get insured. We’ll break down three of the most important ones below.

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3 reasons why adopted pets need pet insurance

Here are three important reasons why owners of newly adopted pets should consider pet insurance.

You may not know their medical history

If you’ve had your dog or cat since they were a puppies or kitten then you’re likely well-versed in their medical history and any conditions they may have. But if you’re adopting a pet, particularly one that may already be a few years old, then you simply won’t have all of the same first-hand information that you would with a pet you’ve owned since they were a few months old.

Due to this gap in knowledge, you may be unaware of any health conditions or adverse medical history that your newly adopted pet has. This is when pet insurance becomes valuable. You don’t want to get stuck paying for it costly veterinary bills, treatments and medications, particularly when you don’t even know when they will arise. But a pet insurance plan can help offset these costs, often up to 90%, depending on the policy and provider you choose. By insuring your new pet, you can rest easy knowing that if any unknown medical conditions ultimately occur, you’ll be protected — and refunded — for their inevitable treatment.

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It will only get more expensive if you wait

Whether your newly adopted dog or cat is young or old, it makes sense to apply for pet insurance today or as soon as possible. That’s because pet insurance will only become more expensive with every passing birthday. As your pet ages, their health will deteriorate, making them riskier to provide a policy for. That risk will be reflected in higher premiums charged to the owner.

To avoid this, it pays to act early when costs are still low. Just don’t wait until your pet gets sick to apply. Most pet insurance companies institute a mandatory waiting period before coverage kicks in, so if you wait until they’re ill you likely won’t have the coverage you need exactly when you need it (plus, it’ll be more expensive).

Coverage options are greater now

Another major benefit of insuring your adopted pet early on is the robust coverage options you’ll be eligible for. As your pet gets older they may be disqualified from select policies and coverage items. And if they develop medical conditions before they’re insured, a provider won’t cover anything that’s pre-existing. This will make a policy much less valuable than it would have been if you had applied for it before your pet’s health worsened.

“A pre-existing condition is anything that happens before you enroll or during the waiting period,” insurer Fetch by The Dodo explains. “Like other providers, we don’t cover pre-existing conditions.”

Spot pet insurance also does not cover these types of medical issues.

“A pre-existing condition is any injury or illness which occurs or shows symptoms before coverage starts or during a waiting period,” they explain on their website. “A condition is considered pre-existing whether or not it has been officially diagnosed or treated; all that matters is when it occurred or symptoms were first displayed.”

So apply now, before nagging any medical conditions limit the coverage your pet can secure. Use the table below to compare some of the top providers on the market to find the one that’s best for your pet.

The bottom line

Pet insurance is a valuable protection to have for dogs and cats of all ages and types. It can be especially beneficial for newly adopted pets, however. Because pet owners don’t know the exact medical history of the animal they’re adopting, it makes sense to get pet insurance as a back-up protection. But owners of newly adopted pets should also act quickly to take advantage of lower prices and more comprehensive coverage options. If they wait until their pet ages they’ll likely get stuck paying more for less. So don’t wait to insure your newly adopted pet. Get started here today!

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